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This Section provides information for Software Developers, System Integrators and Webmasters.

Users, who wish to send message-using HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) features or develops applications using the SMS Gateway for sending SMS messages. Gateway can be accessed through HTTP protocol by submitting values by GET or POST method.

Sample URL to Submit SMS:,919898989999&Text=MessageText&ScheduleAt=25/03/2009+04%3A00+PM

Sample URL to Check Account Balance:

HTTP Parameters for SMS Submission
Parameter NamePossible Values / Function
IDSet account ID.
PwdSet account Password.
PhNoComma delimited list of phone numbers (Limit to max 100 Nos. per http invoke.)
All numbers must start with Country Code (91 for India) - Message may not get delivered if Country Code is not added to numbers submitted to this HTTP API
TextActual Message text. Length of single SMS is 160 characters. GSM handsets provides capability to receive long SMS (multi-segment) with each segment being 152 characters and SMS gets reassembled and displayed as single SMS by receiving GSM handset. If SMS contains single Unicode character, complete SMS would be sent as Unicode SMS with 70 chars as single SMS size and 64 chars as segment size in case of multi segment Unicode SMS.
ScheduleAt(Optional)Future Schedule Date and Time (Max 365 days in future)
If included, SMS would be scheduled for delivery at a later date time indicated by this parameter.
Format: "DD/MM/yyyy hh:mm tt"
SenderIDBy default, SenderID parameter disabled for all clients. Based on the business agreements with client, this feature can be enabled so that client can set their own SenderID for message delivery.
6 Char alphanumeric SenderID (3 Char routing information would be prefixed to this).
DlrUrlSet DlrUrl parameter to get back delivery status on HTTP. DlrUrl should also have MsgID set to IDs of sms in your system. When our Server received delivery report from operator, DlrUrl would be invoked by our server by adding status parameter to same DlrUrl (which you have provided along with MsgID at the time of sms submission.).
Example DlrUrl value:&DlrUrl= IDs of these sms in your system).
Note: For this to work you must have webpage shown above in place. This page will read parameters ‘msgid’ and ‘status’ and update in your database.
msgidSMS ID in your system.

  1. Passing only 'ID' and 'Pwd' parameters will return your Ac Balance.
  2. Numbers would be paged if 'Text' parameter is absent or blank.
  3. SenderID would be taken from your account Details.

HTTP Response
Contains StringInterpretation
'UserID, Password is required.''ID' and / or 'Pwd' parameters are blank.
'Authentication Failed.'UserID or Password is incorrect.
'Your Account is not active'Account is deactivated.
'Message Submitted'Message to Phone number(s) submitted successfully.
'Insufficient Credit.'Your account does not have sufficient balance to submit SMS batch.