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Transactional SMS Filter Guide

We have implemented Transactional SMS Filter from 21st March, 2012 in a phased manner.

Transactional SMS Filter Implementation Schedule:
  1. PHASE I - 21st March, 2012 - Stop Transactional SMS containing website address.
  2. PHASE II - after 26th March, 2012 - Stop e-mail address in SMS Text except for registered templates.
  3. PHASE III - after 31st March, 2012 - Stop phone numbers (numbers of 10 or more digits except bank account number.  Bank account number should be prefixed with text "Bank A/c No." or "Bank Ac No."
  4. If your transactional sms does not contain contact info like website, e-mail, or phone number, the changes would be transparent to you. If transactional sms needs to contain any of the above, please send your sms templates to from your registered e-mail ID, Subject of mail, preferably should be "Register SMS Templates"